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History of Mini Dental Implants Framingham, MA

People seeking mini dental implants in Framingham, MA may be surprised to know that there is an extensive history of mini dental implants in Framingham. The history of mini dental implants began with Dr. Victor I. Sendax, who went in search of a method he could use to secure dental prosthetics in his patients’ mouths. Dr. Sendax figured out that he could use titanium alloy and fuse it to the jawbone to keep teeth stable. Never before had this procedure been done in this manner. Dr. Ron Bulard took the history of mini dental implants one step further: he designed mini dental implants that retain stability and he figured out how to do the procedure in a less invasive, and easier way.

Mini dental implants are gaining popularity. Dentists nationwide know the effectiveness and longevity of mini dental implants. Dental Implant Dentist is one of the leading dental office in the field of mini dental implants in the Framingham area. Improving a patient's smile is what Dental Implant Dentist strives for. Mini dental implants can help you regain your confidence by giving you back your smile.

Mini dental implants make it possible to fix and secure dental prosthetics like crowns or dentures much better than the previous methods. Replacing a single tooth is fast and easy with mini dental implants. Also, it is now possible for patients to stabilize their loose dentures. They have the option to choose between removable or fixed dentures, or a combination of both. This flexibility makes mini dental implants suitable for almost everyone who wants to secure their uncomfortable dentures.

Beautiful smiles are what dentistry is all about. Dental Implant Dentist is well known in the Framingham, MA area and is always happy to see new patients. If you are ashamed of your current teeth and smiling is a lost art, calling Dental Implant Dentist today will be the first step in bringing back your smile.

If you have any further questions about mini dental implants, contact a Dental Implant Dentist today. Dental Implant Dentists and their friendly staff will help you decide if this procedure is right for you. With little side effects and great improvements, mini dental implants may be a perfect fit for you!

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